Xiaomi executive confirms no more Mi MIX smartphone coming this year

Xiaomi was expected to launch the Mi MIX 4 smartphone along with the Mi 9 pro 5G in China last week. However, the company introduced the Mi MIX Alpha concept smartphone instead of the Mi MIX 3 successor.

Now, reports started popping up online claiming that the Chinese brand is working on Mi MIX 4 smartphone which will feature 100 MP camera sensor, second Xiaomi smartphone with such feature. However, that may not be true.


Xiaomi’s brand promotion manager has now confirmed through a post on Weibo that apart from the Mi MIX Alpha launched a few days ago, no other Mi MIX series smartphone will get launched this year.

The company has always used the MIX lineup for introduce experimental smartphones having breakthrough technology – from the first Mi Mix without bezels on three sides and piezoelectric speaker, to the Mi Mix 3 with the slider design.

It makes sense for the company to launch its new smartphone with a wraparound display and 108 MP camera sensor to get launched under the MIX branding.

People were expecting a new MIX series smartphone as the Mi MIX Alpha comes with a hefty price tag of CNY 19,000 (just over $2,800), meaning not many would be able to afford it. The pricing is costlier than the pricing of Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones having foldable design.