Nokia Booklet 3G : First Impressions

nokia-3G-booklet-teaser-s  The day I received the Booklet through DHL, my power sockets were filled. I was too impatient to wait for the sockets on my wall to become empty. I wrapped the packaging out, opened the boxing and took the Booklet out.

I started exploring it, again and again, on the exterior and ended up doing the same on the Windows too! The battery meter never seemed to dip down, it was all up. After one quick google search, I was informed that the battery life was 12 hours. TWELVE WHOLE DAMN HOURS.

Quick Specs
-> 1GB RAM
-> 10.1″ HD Screen
-> 120GB HDD
-> Intel Atom, 1.6 GHz
-> HDMI, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G

Hold on, right there. We’ll be back with the whole review soon. Meanwhile checkout a few teaser pics.