Nokia calls Lumia better than BlackBerry for business; tweets a chart showing how

It seems that the Nokia Lumia series has finally found a purpose they can actually pursue, thanks to BlackBerry’s continuing downfall – corporate clients. Nokia has already making the claims and tweeted a chart showing how – in fact, if you look at the chart, it is actually claiming that it is better than not just BlackBerry, but also Android and iOS.


 Nokia starts out with the tag line ‘Switch to Nokia Lumia for smarter  business.’ It then goes on to elucidate the features that will presumably hold better for business that other phones don’t offer.


Nokia states that it is better at productivity since it has inbuilt MS Office support which is  a good feature. Then it states that it better at integration because it has outlook, which is nothing but ridiculous. It also offers offline navigation in 95 countries, which sounds amazing, It claims good security, which we think is not just because Windows has a well-filtered app store, but also because it hasn’t yet achieved so much popularity, that it would attract malware. At the bottom, it is stated that Lumia is the leading brand in Wireless charging, which is mildly believable.

Windows Phone is picking up speed, but only because of budget phones such as Nokia 520, but the corporate sector, as  of now still swears by BlackBerry. But, the state of things for BlackBerry are down, so Nokia should cash on it while it can. We look forward to what its upcoming phones from Nokia World have on offer.