Nokia Lumias to get PureView ‘very soon’

We have heard about it earlier and we hear it now again. The Nokia Lumia range of smartphones running on Windows Phone OS would get the much-appreciated PureView imaging technology.


Richard Kerris, Nokia’s vice president of worldwide developer relations, in an interview to Neowin said that its Lumia range would ‘very soon’ see the PureView technology arriving on it.

Now this is indeed great news for all the users who are waiting to experience PureView on Windows Phone OS. PureView is indeed mind blowing on the Nokia 808 but the only drawback is that the specs of the smartphone are outdated and the Symbian OS, a burning and so-to-die-platform
We are also expecting the PureView to arrive over the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS which would be a nice combination. And also the users, who didn’t go in for 808 PureView just because of the OS, would be interested in the instead opting for the Windows Phone 8.
We are definitely excited to see how Nokia is able to pack in the 41 MP sensor into a WP device and how well it binds with the OS and hardware.