Nokia Moneypenny and Goldfinger to be the first smartphones to be loaded with Windows Phone Blue update

With Nokia seemingly geared up to push the Windows Phone platform ahead, the company seems to have a few more devices planned, most of which would be rocking big displays.


According to reports, two Nokia devices, with code names Moneypenny and Goldfinger, would be the first smartphones to get the much talked about Windows Phone Blue update. The update, which is also known as the Windows Phone 8.1 update, would bring a refreshed design to the platform with new features like the notification centre.

The Windows Phone 8.1 update is expected to sport a new multitasking menus which would finally allow users to close multiple apps in one go. While the exact release date of the Windows Blue update or the new Nokia devices sporting the update is not yet known, sources approximate it to early 2014. Meanwhile there are also reports about an 8 inch Nokia tablet which might also feature the Windows 8.1 update.