Nokia Phi could arrive with a 21 MP PureView sensor

Remember Nokia’s “Things are about to change” video which teased the September 5th announcement by the company?


We were suspecting the video to have been shot using a Windows Phone 8 running Nokia Lumia equipped with PureView technology but then the quality of the video was not matching up to the 41 MP sensor’s quality.

And now new theories suggest that the 21 seconds long video might have been shot on a WP8 Lumia with ‘PureView Lite’ having a 21 MP sensor on the back. Also the phone which is expected to carry a 21 MP camera on the back is code-named Nokia Phi, and Phi is the 21st letter in the Greek alphabet.
Now 21 MP is half of 41 MP sensor that is found on the Nokia PureView 808 and reducing the sensor’s capability by half would enable the Finnish giant to fit in the sensor into its future Lumia’s body with a hump on the back.


Along with all of this a post on Carl Zeiss’s Facebook page teasing the same “Things are about to change” video accompanied by a tag ‘Ok, now we are curious. Any guesses what this teaser by Nokia could be about? And what things are about to change?’ also goes on to indicate or at least spark a speculation that there is indeed a WP8 Nokia Lumia with Carl Zeiss’s lens on the back arriving soon.
We are just days away from the official unveiling of Nokia’s WP8 running Lumia smartphones and we’ll know it all if things will change or not. Also do let us know your thoughts on a 21 MP Lumia on WP8. Like or Dislike?