Nokia still carrying the Symbian flag up high

With all the Androids and the iPhone news around, it seems Nokia has been losing its touch. But we have some info which is big! Nokia has released its plans for Symbian S^3 platform and devices. According to an Open Letter from Purnima Kochikar (Nokia vice president) to the developers, Nokia is planning to release more devices and improve Symbian S^3 via updates.  However there hasn’t been any news as to for how long they will provide support for S^3. This surely will be answered once the new Windows powered devices are launched. There will be updated hardware as well as software. So, we might see new devices with 1GHz+ CPUs and faster GPUs. As for the UI, Nokia is planning updates to revamp the S^3 experience. The first update will be big one which will be deliver a brand new home screen, a new Navigation bar, new widgets, new icons, a faster browser and a new look to Ovi Store and Ovi Maps, including integration of social media services in Ovi Maps.

The company is also focusing on the Java based or S40 models, and claim that they will be improving upon it and developing them as a more fast pace. S40 cell phones sell about over one million in a day.

So here it is. The final verdict, Nokia will not leave Symbian behind. Surely there will be a huge population happy to know this. Let’s hope Nokia keeps it word.