Nokia Treasure Tag – NFC accessory leaked; May launch on October 22

While we are gearing for as many as six new devices at the upcoming Nokia launch event scheduled on October 22, a press image of an exciting Nokia accessory has leaked.


According to the press image of the alleged Nokia NFC accessory called Treasure Tag, which has surfaced on the internet, a small device with a lanyard can be seen. The lanyard can be used to attach to any items that you are likely to misplace, like car or home keys or a bag. Apparently, the tag would be paired with a Lumia smartphone and connect with a proximity sensor using Bluetooth 4.0.

Sources in the know claim that Nokia would eventually release an app for the Treasure Tag so that users could get an alert on their phone whenever they are in close proximity of the tag or when they go farther than a preset distance. While it is not officially confirmed, the accessory may be launched on October 22 along with the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Nokia Lumia 2520.