Not Instagram but MOLOME is coming to Windows Phone OS

A few days back, there were rumours and sayings and wild guesses that popular image sharing service Instagram was soon arriving on Windows Phone OS.


But soon after the news spread like wild-fire, Instagram makers went on record and said that they are not planning to release the app for the platform but it seems that it will be another popular app called MOLOME which will be arriving onto the Windows Phone OS.

MOLOME recently crossed one million download on the Nokia Store which is quite an accomplishment for the app and is also available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones.
But the app makers have confirmed that the app is indeed arriving onto the Windows Phone platform and this could be a great boost for the app. MOLOME is indeed the Instagram for Symbian smartphones and the app is loved by many.


Also the video where an Instagram like service was spotted running a live tile with like and comments on it (as you can see above) could have been MOLOME, as the app’s website also has the heart and comment bubble as their design.
So this clears out all the confusion that it was and will not be Instagram but MOLOME which is coming to the Windows Phone OS very soon.