Apple fans reply to Samsung’s ad: ‘Don’t settle for cheap plastic’

Just yesterday we saw how Samsung took a shot with its ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ ad on Apple’s newly announced iPhone 5 by comparing the specification of it with the Korean giant’s hot selling Galaxy S III smartphone.


We do know that Apple will not reply officially to such an ad from Samsung but it seems that the fans of the fruit brand are not taking it lightly and a fan-made render comparing the features of the new iPhone 5 with the S III has appeared online.

The fan-made render goes on to replace Samsung’s tagline of ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ with ‘Don’t settle for cheap plastic’ targeting the Galaxy S III’s plastic back and comparing it with iPhone 5’s anodized aluminium back.
Also the new fight-back renders goes on to point out features which Samsung didn’t include into the advertisement and in revenge, neglects and misses all the features that Samsung added of its Galaxy S III after the Universal MicroUSB Plug.
Catch the fan-made render below.


What do you think? Will Samsung fight back? And whom are you supporting?