Crash Corsage, An app that let’s you crash weddings

Remember the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’? Or do you have some real experience in crashing weddings? Here is an app that is designed to help you meet the tough task of crashing weddings and not only having the free food and drinks, but even chatting up some of the ladies. Interested? Read on.

Firstly, a confession. I have already had the luscious experience of crashing a wedding. While it was not inspired by the movie, but rather being broke in my college days, it was totally fun.

Getting back to the app.  Called Crash Corsage, this app, built for iOS, is claimed to be of great help in crashing wedding anywhere and anytime, just by collecting data from the directories of wedding providers’ websites and an assisted list of festivities nearby. Not only that, it would also provide data on what to wear, how the couple met, the location of the party and everything you might need to score with the hottest bridesmaid. In fact, you get points for things like “coital encounters with guests.” I mean, its like every wedding crasher’s fantasy come true.

But, let me warn you here. The app can only suggest. It is upon you how to take things forward and make the best of all situations. While some people might be annoyed by this app, but it is sure to get all the wedding crashers, me included it is like a shortcut to bliss.

While we currently don’t know if it’ll work in Indian conditions, but, if it does, with the wedding season approaching and thousands of weddings taking place everyday, it has already got my tongue wagging.

Checkout the video to know how it works: