OnePlus 6 receives Android P Developer Preview 2

OnePlus is among one of the first brands after Google’s own Pixel which would be able to run Android P Developer Preview Builds. These developer preview builds can be flashed to your OnePlus 6. OnePlus had released Developer Preview 1 soon after the launch of OnePlus 6. Now they’re back with the release of Developer Preview 2 for OnePlus 6.


What’s the changelog?

  • Fixed Face Unlock not functioning issue.
  • Fixed Camera Stability issue.
  • Fixed compatibility issues for apps.

As the name of the build clearly suggests, you should understand that these are mainly meant for developers and early adopters. You need to have experience of installing custom ROMs on your device, or else you might end up bricking your device. We do not recommend you flashing this Developer Preview build if you’ve little to no experience of flashing Custom ROMs. Also, don’t flash this build if OnePlus 6 acts as your primary device. Take a note that you must have a PC with adb tools to go back to the Stable Oreo version.

You can proceed at your own risk but remember that trying these beta builds come with extremely risky situations of bricking your device, which would end up losing all your data. So, it’s always better to keep a complete backup of your data and files before proceeding with any of the beta builds.

Known Issues

Note that the team is already aware of some of the known issues on this build and would be collecting the information about more issues and would try to solve them soon. Currently, the list of known issues contains the following:

  • WiFi SoftAP device manager is not functional.
  • Camera Portrait Mode doesn’t work.
  • Widevine L1 doesn’t work temporarily.

These are not the only issues which you might be facing on this build. There might be more issues which the developers are still trying to find. If you still want to proceed and download this developer preview, you can do it right here.