Opera launches Opera Mediaworks for advertising

Taking a step into the world of Advertising, Opera Software launched Opera Mediaworks at the Mobile World Congress, with the target to provide advertising, content distribution and monetization services to the global mobile marketplace.


The Opera Mediaworks makes use of a variety of advertising technology platforms and Opera’s mobile browsers which is used by more than 237 million people. The service helps brands to reach their target audiences while making it possible for consumers to find, use and purchase the mobile content and services most relevant to their interests thus creating a more open and efficient marketplace among mobile publishers and advertisers.

The advertising ecosystem can easily harness ad-mediation, ad-serving and real-time-bidding (RTB) technologies using AdMarvel and Opera Mediaworks Ad Exchange. The Opera Payment Exchange (OPX) which is a payment-enablement solution can be used as a payment gateway for mobile publishers, payment providers and mobile operators.

Besides this, Opera Software also announced a new performance-based mobile advertising platform, Opera Mediaworks Performance. This provides advertisers with comprehensive tools to better reach their target audience and acquire new customers. Based on the idea that mobile advertising should entice consumers to connect directly with the advertiser. It also provides real time targeting and reporting.