Opera Mobile 12 updated with bug Fixes

Last month at Mobile World Congress Opera released an update to the Opera Mobile and graduated it to version 12.  The Opera Mobile 12 Build 2143 had loads of bugs which many users faced.


But today Opera has released an update to the Opera Mobile 12 which will resolve a few bugs. 

With the Opera Mobile 12 Build 2169, has fixed the following issues:
  • Fixed crash when logging into Twitter
  • Fixed bug with web forms auto-submission
  • Fixed HTML5 audio/video tags support (now we score 319 + 9 bonus points on http://html5test.com)
  • Improved performance of zooming animations and general responsiveness during page loading
  • Fixed a number of startup/shutdown crashes
  • Changes for font size in opera:config can now be saved (the rest works already)

Even after this update there are a few more issues that remain unresolved but Opera is aware of them and is working on them. The known issues include:
  • RTL is not fully supported in input fields
  • Keypad navigation issues on touch devices with QWERTY keyboard
  • Using FontZoomer to render your fonts can crash under certain circumstances. This is also an issue with the Nokia browser when visiting Hindi sites. We are communicating with them and hopefully it will be fixed on their end.

To download the latest version and build of the Opera Mobile, head over to m.opera.com from your mobile and download it.