The new iPad is already sold out outside U.S.

Its official. Apple’s new iPad might be a success even before it’s launched. Apple had previously announced that its new iPad would hit the shelves in the U.S. and outside from March 16th. But, such is the craze and allure of the new iPad that Apple aficionados have already out in so many pre-orders for it that it is already sold out!


While everyone is waiting for March 16th as the date of store availability, stores in Germany, Canada and U.K are now setting the date to March 18 or 19. Obviously a retina display tablet is a reality that all of us would love to experience. Besides, a camera, an OS improvement, a new processor can make your iPad the envy of everyone.

The reason behind such phenomenal success, according to what I believe is that Apple has offered this iPad at the same price as the previous one. This is a marketing mantra that every tablet/smartphone manufacturer needs to learn from Apple.