This App helps you pass RTO Exam to get Driving Licence

Many people in India don’t clear the RTO exam to get their driving license due to the lack of knowledge, what they need is a proper guide that they can follow. Whether it’s for a two wheeler or four wheeler, being prepared for driving licence test is essential if you are appearing for the RTO exam and it can help you pass the test. There is an app that you clear you RTO exams easily. Here’s an ultimate guide for anyone who is appearing for an RTO exam to get driving licence.


How To Pass RTO Exam to get Driving Licence

What you need is an app on your smartphone that has everything related to the RTO and its exam related papers and information for preparation of its driving licence test.

When you open the app, select your state and language. I have chosen Gujarat as the state and English as language.

The app offers a comprehensive list of questions and their answers including the signs of traffic and road and their explanation. Here, you can practice yourself without worrying about the time limit.

The questions can be like this,

  • Q: Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles
  • A: Ambulance and fire service vehicles


  • Q: When a vehicle is parked on the roadside during the night
  • A: The parking light shall remain lit


  • Q: Zebra lines are meant for
  • A: Pedestrians crossing


The app also includes a time bound test same as the RTO test. You will be given random questions and road signs like how you see in the real RTO driving licence test.

The time limit given for each question is the same as approved by the state RTO. Once you complete the test, you will be provided with a detailed result along with correct answers.


If you want to change the state and language again, head to the Settings & Help, and tap the Change State. The app also offers RTO related forms that are available within the app. Find and download the forms as per your needs.


That’s was it. Let us know how is the app and did it help you to pass the RTO driving licence test?