Your phone might someday be charged via this tiny windmill

For years, we have been hearing that renewable energy is the way of the future, but even in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t have dreamed of something that we are about to tell you of now – A tiny windmill that is so small that many of them can rest atop the tip of your finger and can be used to power your smartphone. Don’t believe us? Read on.


“Imagine that they can be cheaply made on the surfaces of portable electronics,so you can place them on a sleeve for your smart phone. When the phone is out of battery power, all you need to do is to put on the sleeve, wave the phone in the air for a few minutes and you can use the phone again.” States Chiao.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have come out with a new power generator – they have designed this super tiny windmill and everything goes as planned, it might end up in a smartphone case that could be  used to chearge your smartphone. Neat, right?

UT Arlington’s team comprised of Smitha Rao and J.C. Chiao has come up with the windmill which is just 1.8mm wide even at its widest. In fact, it has been self-assembled using the same principle used in generating hydro power from water turbines.