POCO F1 gets ‘Ambient Display’ option with Android Pie update, but by mistake


Earlier this week, Xiaomi sub-brand POCO (known as Pocophone outside India) rolled out the much-awaited Android Pie update for the POCO F1. The update brought in new some features, but it also introduced some new issues. However, it also came along with ‘Ambient Display’ option which actually was a mistake.


After updating their POCO F1 with Android Pie, some users reported of having the ‘Ambient Display’ option under the Display settings (Settings > Display > Ambient Display). However, turning on this option didn’t do anything. It wasn’t working. Well, that’s because this option wasn’t supposed to be there in the Settings menu at first place.

POCO later confirmed that this ‘Ambient Display’ option was added by mistake and will be removed in the coming update.

Massive oops! This option can technically be found under Settings  Display. It has been designed for OLED screens, and is incompatible with your POCO F1’s LCD screen. We’ll remove this option from the Settings in the coming update,” said POCO.

In addition to acknowledging its goof-up, POCO also confirmed that they have rolled back fix for touch lag and wrong touch issue which was included in the stable version of Android Pie update. The company has said that it will “release the fixed version ASAP”.

Furthermore, POCO also revealed that it’s working with Google to fix an issue which causes “Ok Google” to not work in some scenarios. The company also said that it will soon roll out support for app badges with notification count, as well as support for recording native sounds when using a screen recorder.

Are you a POCO F1 user? Have you encountered any issues other than the ones mentioned above after updating your POCO F1 with Android Pie?