Pokémon Duel, a turn based board game, now available on Android and iOS

In 2016, we saw augmented reality based game Pokémon Go make a lot of headlines. Well, we are in the first month of 2017, and are having yet another Pokémon game which is dubbed Pokémon Duel.


Pokémon Duel is a turn based board game where you have to rely on your strategy making skills to advance up the higher levels in the game. You can either play against the AI or can play with other players online in real-time.

In Pokémon Duel, your objective is to prevent your opponent from reaching their goal by deploying your Pokémon figures. You have to move your Pokémon figures on the board and reach your goal before your opponent reaches theirs to win the game.

You start the game with six Pokémons and you can select whichever you want. Well, needless to say that your success of winning the game not only depends on your strategy making skills, but, also the Pokémon you choose.

You can always purchase stuff from within the game like Boosters or skip the waiting time. This can be done by either using your Gems that you have earned while playing the game, or, by using real money. The in-app purchases start from ₹80 and go all the way up to ₹6200. This game was already available in Japan for a year, but, with a different name. Now, it has been availed in other countries as well. Are you going to give it a try?

Download Link: Android | iOS