Pokémon GO downloaded over 500 Million times across Android and iOS since launch

Pokémon GO, the game which was launched in July has reached a total of over 500 Million downloads across Android and iOS.


Just in case you were living under a rock, let us tell you that Pokémon GO is a game available on Android and iOS which makes use of Augmented Reality (AR). Soon after the launch, the app was a hit around the world.

Even those people who never went out of their house to see how the real life is, took a breath of fresh air because of the nature of this game. Yes, you need to go out and walk and fined Pokémons. That’s how this game works.

Pokémon GO even holds the record for the most downloads on App Store in its first week of launch. While the craze for this game that we saw in the beginning has come down, it hasn’t made much difference. With this game set to arrive on Apple Watch later this year, we expect the popularity of this game to get a boost again.

The globally loved Pokémon brand paired with Niantic’s platform and game design that encourages exploration, exercise and making real world social connections has inspired millions of people of all ages to go outdoors together. We are encouraged by the fast adoption of the game and are pleased to see so many people walk and play every day. Pokémon GO for Apple Watch will be another way people can incorporate the game into their daily lives, even more seamlessly.” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, Inc.

While the game is played in more than 100 countries around the world, it hasn’t debuted officially in some countries like India. Well, one can always sideload the apk (on Android) and play the game if it’s not available officially in the country.

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