PUBG Mobile – The Ultimate Guide to Bridge Camping like a Pro

PUBG Mobile has been around since a couple of years and the game has become so popular that it is still leading the charts with tens of millions of active players. With time, players of PUBG are evolving and learning newer tactics to outshine the plethora of new and advanced breed of players entering the space.

One of the popular strategies is when sometimes the players choose to camp at a location and scope the area to get some kills off approaching teams or individual players. This works most of the times because it allows the user to take complete control of an area.

But, this strategy requires some experience and is fruitful only in places where the player is sure to get into engagements otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. Among others, the bridge happens to be a favourite spot among happy campers. There are a few things that players can do in order to setup a highly advantageous bridge camp and increase their kills.


Tip 1 – Be the first one to arrive

It’s important that you be the first one to camp under the bridge before anyone else arrives. However, before going there, don’t assume that the bridge is unoccupied just because it seems like it otherwise you might get in trouble. The whole idea of camping is to stay in position and remaining unnoticed and what if somebody is already there.

If possible, you must get the highest vantage point and screen for possible enemies on or around the bridge. The best time to set up camp at the bridge is when the circle has begun closing as it calls for a lot of movement among players to get to safety.

Tip 2 – Keep tracking the location

Before bridge camping, you need to check the map and be aware of the closing blue zone. If you camp on the entrance of the bridge which is at the opposite side of the blue zone closing in, you can get good number of kills. The closing blue zone drives players to use the bridge and get to safety faster. Some gamers also prefer to camp at the opposite entrance to attack an enemy from the back, after they’ve passed.

Tip 3 – Timing is important

There are multiple crashed vehicles which can offer good cover for the players camping. However, they can also be used by the approaching enemies to get cover. If a player chooses to shoot too soon, the enemies still have a chance to take cover behind one of the crashed vehicles. So, it’s important to time your kill shot, ideally when the enemy has crossed these vehicles or is away from them.


Tip 4 – Have the right gear

Having a good weapon and enough supply of ammo is important when setting up a bridge camp. It would be best to have rifle with an 8x to 6x scope as a primary weapon and the secondary weapon to be an SMG, like the Tommy. It’s also a good idea to have attachments that could help in better aim and easy kills. With the right gear and proper timing, you can eliminate any approaching enemy quickly and with accuracy so that any other probable targets around are not alarmed of the existence of the bridge camp.

Tip 5 – Don’t be around for too long

A bridge camping is a great way to get a few easy and quick kills if everything works out as planned. However, staying there for too long can put you in danger and the constant motion is important for survival. If you are a sitting duck and enemies notice the existence of the camp, they can further strategize to break the camp in a surprising ambush.

Unlike any other popular strategies, the bridge camping is very effective and is quite simple. It requires few basic things to implement and offers quite a good success ratio. If you aim is good, you have an added advantage in such situation. It’s also great for improving your rating and upgrading inventory before heading further mainland.