PUBG Mobile Masterclass – Choosing the Right Grip

PUBG Mobile players are evolving with time and are improving their skills to find the right salt to take their game to a higher level. In the game, the players are granted with multiple options to up their skills and aide in winning the chicken dinner. It also comes with an option of adding attachments which help to improve one’s shooting ability, beyond pure skill.

To drastically improve the accuracy, grips can be attached to various guns, but it wouldn’t be enough to just wing it and use any grip with any gun. The grip is great only when it adds some value to achieving better kills, otherwise, the player is just fine without it.

The primary function of a grip is to reduce the recoil or kick after a gun shoots a round of bullets. Even if it is just a single shot, the ability to regain control to the center makes a grip better than the other. Below are the grips in the order of their versatility and performance during combat based on their abilities.


The Half Grip

The half grip is one of the most versatile grips just because it offers certain valuable upgrades to a player’s skills. It fairly reduces recoil and most importantly it improves recoil recovery, which allows the player to get a better aim at shooting enemies and getting a greater number of shots.

It does a good job at controlling the vertical recoil than it does with horizontal recoil, but the quick recovery trumps other shortcomings. One major shortcoming is that the weapon steadiness is reduced while using this attachment. Hence, it would be better to use this grip with generally steady weapons, such as the UMP9, AUG A3, and the Vector.

The Thumb Grip

While some think that the vertical grip is better than the thumb grip, we think the thumb grip is better just for its versatility. It reduces recoil on a good scale, but not as good as the vertical grip. The winning functionality though is that it reduces the time taken to open scope and also aids weapon stability. Hence, with improved ADS (Aim Down Sight), good recoil recovery, and higher weapon steadiness, this is a phenomenal attachment for scoped weapons.


The Vertical Grip

A favorite among many, the vertical grip is an appropriate choice for weapons with a strong vertical kick. Also, it is the only attachment compatible with the Tommy Gun, an SMG. The vertical grip is quite versatile but is predictable. This makes the vertical grip slightly less useful. But there is no denying that it offers good weapon stability, which is extremely important during bursts.

The Angled Grip

Considered among the best grip for SMGs and ARs, the angled grip makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady-state. Another advantage of this grip is that it offers better ADS speed. Now, where this grip loses out to its counterparts is when it comes to weapon steadiness. This counteracts the reduction in horizontal recoil, which makes this a less favorable grip.

The Light Grip

When it comes to taking single shots, unarguably the light grip is the best. It offers stable guns like the Vector or UMP9 amazing accuracy. It has the best weapon stability, but exchanges that for a high recoil; especially vertical recoil. Though it makes the weapon steadier, the grip isn’t versatile. If caught off-guard in a close-quarter or medium-quarter combat situation, then the light grip will be of no use.

Using a grip gives a huge advantage to players as an add-on to their already developed skillset. A good player is one who is aware of all the tools at disposal for achieving great scores overall. The best thing to do would be to test the weapons and get a feel or understanding of the weapons.