PUBG Mobile introduces Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions

Tencent, the company behind PUBG Mobile game has introduced Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions for the game, which are now available through in-app purchase. The subscriptions offer users a daily bonus of Unknown Cash (UC), discounts on crates, and also allows purchasing more items with Battle Points (BP).

Coming to the pricing, the PUBG Mobile Prime subscription for Android is priced at Rs. 85, while the Prime Plus costs Rs 400 for the first month and then Rs 850 per month. As for iOS, the Prime subscription is Rs 79 and Prime Plus will cost Rs 419 for the first month, and Rs 799 after that.


With Prime subscription, the users will be able to purchase items like weapon finishes and outfits using Battle Points (BP). The company has said that these items will have a validity of seven or 30 days. Further, users can also collect 5 UC daily when they log in.

On the other hand, the Prime Plus subscription offers 20 UC daily and the users will be able to purchase items with BP but will be permanent, without any validity period). It also offers 10 RP points per day, daily discounts on different items and 50 percent off on the first classic crate every day. On purchase of this subscription, users get 300 UC instantly, a one-day room card, two crate coupons, and one name change card.

Currently, the company is still rolling out the PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update and the company has already started testing the 0.12 beta update. The update will bring smarter zombies, zombie dogs, liquid nitrogen grenades, a new MugenSpace/Infinity menu section replacing Events mode, among others.