5 PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Help You Stay Alive

PUBG Mobile is getting popular these days, the mobile version looks pretty much similar to the PC and console version. If you are one of those who plays PUBG on mobile and gets killed sooner in the game, here’s what you should do to keep yourself alive once you’ve started playing it. Check out these 5 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to help you stay alive.


1) Drop By Buildings/Houses Far From Crowd (Preferably On Roofs)

The first thing you need is to select a drop location where you can easily snap in buildings and houses to get your loot. The loot is everywhere, but, the quality of the loot you are looking for isn’t everywhere. Here are the 5 best loot locations you might want to check for quality loots like snipers, scopes, DMRs, and level 3 items.

But the best loot locations also hold enough players, the worst part is when you are landed and killed before you loot. Make sure you land on the roofs, pick a place where other people aren’t going, and a bit far from the crowd and alone to keep yourself alive in the game.



2) Get A Weapon First

Keeping yourself safe is important during the start game to get your loot. After you land on any location, the first thing you want is to loot rather than going forward to the places without any weapons.

In PUBG Mobile, the last man (or team) standing wins the game, but if you want to survive, you’ll need to loot up. First things first, loot right after you land so that you have at least a weapon in your hands. Once you get that, you’ll want medics, or healing items, a kevlar, and a helmet. Even if you find a pistol at the start, pick it up to stay alive.



3) Stay Low, Don’t Run In Open

You should never run out in the open unless you have no choices left. Never fire openly, look around and target, you don’t want others to let know you are coming. Find points of interest, hiding places, vehicles for fast travel, but keep yourself safe and alive during these activities.

Make use of prone and crouch tactics, you will eventually need to hide at the end game when the zone shrinks.


4) Don’t Rush For Supply Drop

Planning to go for the supply drop falling from the air? Before you go and check if it’s loaded or empty, know that there are other players too who are running for the supplies and rushing for the supply drop. This will eventually get you killed if you are also among them, instead wait for them to come and take them out.

Some smart players are waiting for others to arrive at the supply drops to take them out from a distance using scopes. Beware! Only if there’s nowhere around and you have a vehicle to run far after looting the supply drop, go ahead. Or wait for them to rush at the drop, snipe them out and loot them if they have picked up the supplies.


5) Don’t Shoot Enemies Out Of Range

It’s not just you, many players think that once they have scopes, they can take out anything that’s moving. Depending on the weapon and the scopes attached, you can’t shoot enemies who are out of range. You can get killed because all you are making them is aware of your location.

Next time, you see enemies, don’t aim at them who are far away. Track them where they go, try to sneak up on them, and when they are in range, fire up!


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