Qualcomm says 4K UltraHD videos coming to devices before end of 2013

Earlier today we reported about the LG smartphone which is supposedly the frontrunner to be chosen as the Google Nexus 5. As if the features in the previous post didn’t scare us enough (due to which we didn’t believe in the rumour), Qualcomm now openly supported the claim by saying we would indeed see processors with greater capabilities before the close of this year.


According to Qualcomm, 4K UltraHD video would be seen on Android devices by the end of 2013. 4K UltraHD video would offer a resolution which four times that of full HD display (1080p). So the videos in future would have a resolution of about 4096 x 2304 pixels. Imagine the clarity.

4K UltraHD video would bring a new life into the videos being watched on handheld devices. With that clarity and crispness, large devices like TV’s will soon become obsolete. Qualcomm has been repeatedly showing the capabilities of the Snapdragon 800 chip at various global events and has also stated that it would be seen in commercial devices by mid-2013. Almost there, isn’t it? Just can’t wait to see the next computing power the Snapdragon 800 chip will bring along with it.