How to quickly launch flip camera on ASUS 6z [Guide]

Android smartphones these days are moving towards the camera tech, we saw the punch hole cameras, the pop-up cameras, swivel cameras, and now the ASUS 6z boasts off a flip camera on the rear side transforming into a selfie camera after a quick flip. Accessing the flip camera from the home screen shortcut may not be the fastest way, this guide will show you how to quickly launch the flip camera on the ASUS 6z without unlocking it. Read on.


Quickly Launch Flip Camera [ASUS 6z]

The camera can be opened from the lockscreen shortcut, as well as, from the homescreen shortcut, however, it can also be opened by double-pressing the volume key. Here’s what you need to do to quickly open the flip camera on the ASUS 6z.

  • Camera Settings -> Instant Camera

To set the camera to open up quickly, launch the camera app first and enter the camera settings. The camera settings have a bunch of features to check out such as AI scene detection, adding the watermark, changing the flip camera sound, and setting the smart key as a shutter for taking photos.

Scroll to the bottom to find an option that says ‘Instant Camera‘ which lets you quickly open the camera by pressing either of the volume keys twice. That means all you need is to double click the volume key to launch the camera.


The ASUS 6z has a lot of features that make it a worthy challenger in its class. Do check out the review of the ASUS 6z to know more about the smartphone and its flip camera. For more guides and tutorials related to the smartphones and apps, head to the How-To Guides.