How to quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus [Guide]

Moto G5 Plus is a great device with several features built-in especially gesture-based controls that turns out to be as handy when used. If you are new to Moto smartphones, here’s something that can amaze you. You can quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus by twisting your wrist twice. Sounds good? Read on how to enable it.


Moto smartphones are designed to make things simple, hence, there are various gesture-based features that you can make use of. No need to tap-tap-tap and open stuff on the phone rather use Moto G5 Plus gesture controls from the Moto App.

There are two ways to quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus.

  • Twist your wrist quickly twice to open the camera anytime.
  • Press power button twice for camera

Both method works even when the phone is locked.

Method 1 – Quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus By Twisting Your Wrist

To enable this twist feature, all you need to do is,

  • Open the Moto app given on the homescreen.
  • Go to Actions which has options to use gestures as phone shortcuts.
  • Tap on Twist for Quick Capture.
  • Enable the toggle slider to turn it on.



Now whenever you want to quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus, twist your wrist twice while holding it. It’s like revving a motorcycle, turning a screwdriver or simply doing the Queen’s wave quickly.

The same method also works for switching between front and rear camera. Twist twice when in camera mode.

Method 2 – Quickly open camera on Moto G5 Plus with Power Button

Second one is to just enable a quick shortcut inside the phone settings.

  • Go to Settings -> Display.
  • Enable the slider ‘Press power button twice for camera


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