realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 announced, realme GT to receive its first update

realme has unveiled its latest operating system, realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 for realme smartphones. realme GT which was launched in India a while ago will be receiving the first update of the realme UI 3.0 this month. Recently, more Android 12 based operating systems were also announced, OxygenOS 12 by OnePlus, and ColorOS 12 by OPPO, and now realme UI 3.0 by realme.


The realme UI 3.0 brings many new features of Android 12 and continues the product concept of Seamless Fun, with upgrades in design, fluidity, personalization, privacy, and functionality delivering a brand-new experience for realme users.

Fluid Space Design

With its Fluid Space Design, the design is more expressive, the layout is more organized, and the overall UI experience is more fluid. The design also includes new 3D style icons, a layout that gives a spatial sense throughout to lower information density by leaving white space, and includes an enhanced title size, symbol and text contrast to give users a sense of importance and concentration concerning the information they receive for a more pleasant visual experience.

The realme UI 3.0 offers more personalization as compared to its predecessor, the Icons, backgrounds, fonts, and other elements can be customized to suit users’ tastes. In addition to that, users can customize the Global Theme Color which is more in line with Material You design in the Android 12. Users can just select any of their favorite hues as the theme color.


The Always On Display is another trait for customization. Users can upload a photo and enjoy a unique AOD design. Moreover, realme has also added an AOD of realme’s mascot, the realmeow for realme fans.

Privacy & Safety Features

The privacy functions have been updated to assure that users’ personal data and information are safer than before. The realme UI 3.0 has a new subtitle stitching feature that allows you to share your favorite pictures or videos privately. Users will be able to delete the photo’s location information and photographic data, including the time stamp, camera model, and settings.

More limitations to app permissions are also added in realme UI 3.0. In the case of location data, for example, non-specific locations are utilized to safeguard location privacy.


AI Smooth Engine

The AI smooth engine is being introduced in realme UI 3.0, which adds all-around smoothness and reduces power consumption in the underlying logic. The total rate of memory usage has been enhanced, memory fragmentation has been minimized, and different programs are intelligently launched with the help of AI memory compression and unified resource scheduling. This decreases memory usage by 30%, improves overall app launching performance by 10%, and increases battery life by 12%, according to realme.


At the same time, the animations are better optimized. The AI animation engine determines the dynamic change of damping to constrain the movement and curvature of the objects. The effect follows the gesture more comfortably, and thus, it becomes more fluid.

Floating Window 2.0 is also introduced to realme UI 3.0. Users may control floating windows as they like, making the windows even more practical and convenient in a variety of communication and usage scenarios.

realme UI 3.0 – Upgrade Roadmap

realme UI 3.0 is currently being adapted for each model, hence, will gradually open up the trial for each model. Here’s the list of eligible devices that will receive the realme UI 3.0 update.


October, 2021

realme GT

December, 2021

realme X7 Max, realme GT Master Edition, realme 8 Pro, realme GT NEO 2 5G

Q1, 2022

realme X50 Pro 5G, realme 7 Pro, realme X7 Pro, realme 8 4G, realme narzo 30, realme C25, realme C25s, realme narzo 50A, realme 8i

Q2, 2022

realme X7, realme X3, realme X3 SuperZoom, realme 8 5G, realme 8s, realme 7 5G, realme narzo 30 Pro 5G, realme narzo 30 5G