How To Recognize Songs Automatically [Pixel Guide]

Google Pixel’s Now Playing is an amazing feature for those who want to identify songs playing nearby. If you’re at a restaurant, cafe, mall or a place where music is playing in the background, the Now Playing will identify it and show it on the lockscreen or Ambient screen. Here’s how you can enable it and recognize songs automatically.


Note: This feature is available on Google Pixel 2 and later devices.

How To Recognize Songs Automatically [Pixel]

Your Pixel can recognize songs automatically and display the name of the song and the artist directly on the lock screen or the Ambient screen. No need to download apps like Shazam, the Pixel phone has this native feature that works just the way Shazam works.

  • Setup your Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 for the Now Playing feature, head to the Settings -> Sound -> Advanced > Now Playing.

Turn on the slider and keep the ‘Also show notifications‘ turned on to see notifications about the songs.

Now, whenever the music plays nearby, you can see the song name and artist on the lockscreen. Now Playing works offline as well, so no need to worry about having connected to the internet.



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