Top 10 Best Games in the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale 2019


The Green Man Gaming Summer Sale is on till 7th of August and brings us some pretty impressive deals on the Popular Gaming Titles. Along with the Green Man Gaming Summer sale, Bethesda has also kicked off its Quakecon sale on Steam and Humble Bundle which will be live till 30th of July. So let’s check out the Top 10 Games we are looking forward too in these sales.

1.Grand Theft Auto V


Coming from the house of Rockstar Games, GTA V is the latest game from the Grand Theft Auto Series.It is available for Rs. 944 (55% off) on Green Man Gaming whereas Premium Online Edition costs Rs.948 (59% off) on Green Man Gaming. The Green Man Gaming Variant activates on Rockstar Social Club which means you won’t be able to get the game on your Steam account.

If you are interested in the Steam variant don’t worry as the Steam variant is also available at Rs.1049 (50% off) for the Standard Edition and Rs.1270 (52% off) for the Premium Online Edition. With the latest Diamond Casino update and its amazing story mode this game is definitely worth picking up.

2.PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds


The Popular Battle Royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is also known as PUBG is available at a whopping 55% off on Green Man Gaming. The Base game costs Rs.449 on Green Man Gaming and you can directly activate the game in your Steam Account.Steam is also giving a 50% discount on this game and you can buy it for Rs.499 there. With the new update, Season 4 is now live and the game also brings a stunning new visual update for its popular Erangel Map. You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of Battle Royale games.



Coming from the house of Bethesda Softworks, Doom was released in May 2016 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.This game is under the Quakecon Sale on Steam and is available for Rs.527 at 67% off. You can also buy this from Green Man Gaming which is selling this for Rs.501 at 69% off. As we are waiting for DOOM Eternal which is expected to release later this year, our team is hooked to this action game as we love its fast paced gameplay. You can buy DOOM from the links given below.

5.Far Cry New Dawn


Are you ready to fight for survival in a Post-Apocalyptic world? If yes then this game is for you. Far Cry New Dawn is the latest game in the Far Cry franchise by Ubisoft, The base game is available for Rs.1046 on Green Man Gaming at 53% off whereas the Deluxe Edition for Far Cry New Dawn is available for Rs.1278 at 54% off. It is to be noted that the game activates on uPlay, which was released on 3rd July in the year 2012 and replaced the Ubisoft’s Game Launcher. uPlay is similar to Steam and you can directly purchase and run game from its launcher.

If you are interested in buying the Steam version of Far Cry New Dawn you’ll have to pay the full amount as there is no discount on Steam.

5.Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel games in one package.It also includes the add-on content from both the games till 31st December 2017.Borderlands: The Handsome Collection costs Rs.2966 on Steam but it is available for just Rs.254 at 91% off on Green Man Gaming.

It activates directly on your Steam which means that both the games will get added to your Steam library along with the additional content and you can directly start playing with your friends as it also offers Cooperative gameplay for up to four players online. You can buy Borderlands:The Handsome Collection from the links given below.

6.Resident Evil 2/ BIOHAZARD RE:2


Resident Evil 2 brings back the the amazing action, tense exploration, and puzzle solving gameplay that defined the Resident Evil series.This is the remake of the 1998 Resident Evil 2 and the latest game from the Resident Evil franchise by CAPCOM. Released on 25th January 2019, Resident Evil 2 is is available for Rs.1781 at 41% of Green Man Gaming whereas the Deluxe Edition which contains some extra DLC’s and the Original Version Soundtrack Swap can be bought for Rs.2204 on Green Man Gaming, both the editions of Resident Evil 2 can be activated on Steam.

7.Superheroes Bundle


3 Games, 1 Bundle. Superheroes Bundle is a special bundle by Green Man Gaming which offers us Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition, Batman Arkham Asylum- GOTY Edition and Lego Batman: The Videogame. All the games can be activated on Steam and you can buy this bundle for Rs.311 on Green Man Gaming.

8.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


This game again comes from the house of Bethesda Softworks and is available for Rs.837 at 69% off on Green Man Gaming and Rs.881 at 67% off on Steam. The Special Edition includes the base game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays and more. You can buy this game from the links given below.

9.Assassin’s Creed Odyssey


Now this is the game which needs no Introduction. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which comes from the house of Ubisoft is the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It is available for Rs.1349 at 55% off on Green Man Gaming and Deluxe Edition is available for Rs.1743 at 54% off.

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game and the Deluxe Pack which includes Kronos Pack, Herald of Dusk Pack, Capricornus Naval Pack and few temporary boosts. There are also discounts on the Gold and Ultimate Edition and well if you aren’t broke like me you can check them out too as you’ll get the Assassin’s Creed III Remastered free with both the editions.

10. The Evil Within 2


If you are into Survival Horror games and your ideal Friday night plan is sitting home and enjoying Horror movies then this game is for you. The main character Detective Sebastian Castellanos loses everything he has which includes his daughter Lily. How will you save his daughter lily? Try The Evil Within 2, enter the world of horrors and watch the story unfold.

This is a game which is published by Bethesda Softworks and was released on 12th October 2017. I’ve personally finished this game and loved it because of its amazing story line and jump scares. The Evil Within 2 is available for Rs.712 on Green Man Gaming at 76% off and its available for Rs.749 on Steam at 75% off.

So, these were the Top 10 best games that you should check out in the GMG Sale. Which games are you picking up this season? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on latest gaming, smartphones, and apps.