REGOR 10-Watt Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Hands-on [Images]

An Affordable Bluetooth Speaker To Look For

Regor, an Indian electronics brand has released its affordable 10 Watt Stereo Bluetooth Speaker in India at a price of Rs 1,199. The Regor Stereo Bluetooth Speaker is a portable and lightweight wireless speaker to play music around your home or on the go. Here’s our hands-on with the Regor’s 10-Watt Stereo Bluetooth Speaker.


REGOR 10-Watt Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Specifications

  • Output: 2 x 5W speakers
  • Frequency: 100 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, AUX 3.5mm, micro USB (for charging), USB Port (for pendrives), microSD card slot, microphone
  • Range: 8M – 10M
  • Battery: 1,200 mAh
  • Charging: 5V, 1A
  • Play Time: 6 hours (on 2/3 volume)
  • Weight: 376 grams (with battery)
  • Price: Rs 1,199

The speaker highlights its two speakers each of 5 Watts for better sound quality. It supports from 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency and offers a range of 8 to 10 meters. It pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth and comes with the support for USB drives and microSD card slot.

Starting off with its design, it has a classy look rectangle shaped with curves on all the sides. The design flaunts a polycarbonate body with the front being covered with a fabric material. The bottom has a long rubber strip to hold a grip to the surface.

Although it says ultraportable, it’s not easy to fit in the pocket. On the flipside, it doesn’t take much space in your bag if you plan to take it while traveling. That said, the design is not waterproof or spash proof, so keep it away from water. The build quality is, however, good and the speaker weighs 376 grams with a 1,200 mAh battery built-in.





On the top, you have a total of four buttons, one for pay/pause, one for calling/pairing and the rest two on the sides for volumes. These volume buttons also used for changing songs, play next or previous songs using the volume keys, long press for volume control.

On the backside, you have the input ports, the main power key, a microphone, and a micro USB charging port. There is a 3.5mm AUX port for playing any songs via a music player or from your smartphone. Other ports include a USB port and microSD card slot to play songs from the pendrives or microSD cards.

The speaker offers a Blue LED indicator for power and a voice interface when you turn it on and pair it with a Bluetooth device. Other modes of playing audio are the AUX interface with a provided AUX cable inside the box, a microSD card carrying songs in it, or the USB drives if you carry songs on the pendrives. Moreover, you’ll find a microphone in it that helps you to take calls without holding the phone to your ear.




As far as the audio quality is concerned, the Regor Bluetooth Speaker has loud volumes and good sound quality. The Bass quality is okay, but if you are a Bass lover, pick a speaker that has punchy Bass in it instead.

It lasts about 6 hours of continuous music playback on 2/3 volume according to Regor. The battery life shouldn’t be a problem if you are not using it often. If you use it regularly, you might have to charge it on daily basis.


For the price it holds, there’s nothing much to complain as it offers decent sound with additional ports like USB and microSD aside from the AUX input. It’s available on Amazon India in Blue color only, here’s the link to the Regor Stereo Bluetooth Speaker.

Do check out unboxing video of REGOR 10-Watt Stereo Bluetooth Speaker below.