Reliance Jio revises 4G data vouchers to offer double data and non-Jio talktime

Reliance Jio has has today revised its 4G data vouchers and confirmed that they will now offer double high-speed data access. Along with that, the revised 4G Jio data vouchers also include non-Jio voice calling minutes.

The voucher worth ₹11 offers 800 MB high-speed data, up from 400 MB it used to offer earlier. Further, the company is also bundling 75 minutes of non-Jio voice calling. The ₹21 voucher now offers 2 GB of data access and 200 non-Jio voice calling minutes.


Similarly, the voucher priced at ₹51 and ₹101 offers 6 GB and 12 GB high-speed data respectively as well as 500 minutes and 1,000 minutes for voice calling to non-Jio numbers. Here are the details about the new plans.

Data Voucher CostExisting Data OfferingNew Data OfferingNon-Jio Calling
₹11400 MB800 MB75 minutes
₹211 GB2 GB200 minutes
₹513 GB6 GB500 minutes
₹1016 GB12 GB1000 minutes

Interestingly, the company has upgraded all its 4G data vouchers except for the one that costs ₹251 as it is still listed to be offering 2 GB daily high-speed data for 51 days, without any non-Jio calling minutes. Even then, the total data offered by this plan stands at 102 GB for 51 days.

The development comes months after Reliance Jio introduced IUC top-up vouchers, the move which the company says is aimed to reduce the impact of the Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC) rate. The company is now charging users six paise a minute to call non-Jio numbers.

Do note that the IUC top-up vouchers are still relevant for those users who just require non-Jio voice calling minutes without any additional data. Also, note that the 4G data vouchers are applicable only if users already have an active plan.