RIM releases BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, supports Android and iOS

RIM has officially launched the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion solution which also includes the Universal Device Service. Like the BlackBerry Device Service provides a set of security and management features for BlackBerry devices, the Universal Device Service provides Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android based devices.


So what is the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion? Well for starters it’s a mobile device management suite and those of you who use the BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, will be able to control all devices connected to their network including iOS and Android.

The features of the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion include:
  • Activate and configure devices and profiles over the air
  • Enable access to enterprise Mail, Calendar and PIM
  • Administer users and groups, natively and directory based
  • Establish corporate IT Policies and Security
  • Manage lost devices – Password Reset, Device Lock, Device Wipe
  • Set Wi-Fi and VPN settings
  • Deploy internally-developed apps
  • Define (and enforce) public applications as mandatory or optional
  • Provides Notifications to the Device User
  • Provides Rooting & Jailbreak Detection
  • Help manage Roaming to control your data costs
  • Prevent apps from accessing corporate mail accounts

For more on this visit here. The Android client is already available; you can download it from the Google Play Store over here.