RIM renames ‘BBX’ as ‘BlackBerry 10’ due to trademark issues

Research in Motion (RIM) has decided to rename its next-generation OS, ‘BBX’ due to trademark infringement issues and has announced that now the new OS will now officially be called ‘BlackBerry 10’.


Albuquerque-based Software Company Basis International claims that it holds trademarks for the name “BBX” and had asked RIM to stop using the name at its DevCon conferences. But RIM did not listen and thus the company filed a legal case against the BlackBerry maker. The US federal court in Albuquerque has now restrained RIM from using the BBX trademark from now on and even at the December 7-8 DevCon conference in Singapore.

bb-os10-tweet BBX is the operating system that Research in Motion is counting on to revive its BlackBerry franchise. We have seen the roadmap of devices that will run on the now ‘Blackberry 10’ OS and you can read about more on it here.