RIM to give away “BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha” prototype device to BlackBerry 10 Jam attendees

A few months ago Research IN Motion (RIM) announced that it will go ahead with QNX running BlackBerry 10 OS in its entire future line of devices and it’ll definitely change the way BlackBerry devices have been known till now. As the OS will be all new, BlackBerry is planning to hold BlackBerry 10 Jam in May, a developer’s conference taking place in Orlando, FL.


Here RIM will put light on how BlackBerry 10 OS will work and how to develop apps on the new platform. Now as the development of apps will take place, obviously developers will need a device to test it and here comes the interesting part.

It is being reported that will be giving away not a BlackBerry 10 device to developers but a device called ‘BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha’. This will be a prototype device and it will run on a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which will be on path to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been specially customized to run on a phone. 
RIM said: The purpose of this seeding is to give BlackBerry 10 Jam developer attendees a testing device to create excitement as they start to develop BlackBerry 10 applications alongside us.
To be clear, this is not a BlackBerry 10 device. It’s the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It includes a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which shows the path to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been customized to a phone. This device will allow developers to test the applications they are building with our BlackBerry 10 toolsets.
So using this device a developer will be able to develop, run and test their apps and keep them ready by the time BlackBerry 10 OS arrives later this year. We really hope that BlackBerry 10 has enough fuel to fire up RIM’s falling sales figure and profits. 


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