Sailfish OS from Finnish smartphone maker Jolla boasts of Android compatibility now

Finland is a country that holds reverence for all kinds of smartphone geeks around the world – it is the birthplace of first popular smartphones, it is the birth place of Nokia. It was therefore a sad day for the country when Microsoft brought out Nokia’s devices and services division. But, it seems the actual Nokia team from back in the days has taken it up on itself to recreate some of the smartphone magic. Jolla is a smartphone start-up formed by this team which is actively working on an OS called Sailfish. It has already put out the OS for companies to pick up and is currently running it on its own device.


But the best part about Sailfish is that it will be able to run on Android compatible devices i.e. Android phone makers wouldn’t have to change much about their devices to make them Android capable. Now that’s really something to cheer for.

Jolla’s suitors therefore will wait for its device and OS performance in the market before picking it up, it seems.

“We have tested quite few ourselves. We have simply bought a device from a shop and then installed Sailfish on it,” says Jolla’s CEO Tomi Pienimäki.

We are excited to see OS offering in the future and definitely some new competition for Android is always welcome. Besides Sailfish, almost every OS has something new on offer right now – Windows will come out with something post the Nokia Deal, Android KitKat launch is around the corner and iOS 7 has already made a splash. It will be interesting to see how the Sailfish game plays out.