Samsung Bada 2.0 on all Wave Handsets by Q4

Samsung had recently announced three new Bada 2.0-equipped handsets which were the Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. Now through a recent tweet, Samsung has confirmed that the entire range of Wave handsets will be receiving the upgrade of Bada OS to 2.0 by Q4 this year. The tweet states that the update will be first available in Europe and then subsequently to other part of the world.

People having the Wave I S8500 or Wave II S 8530 handsets may be able to enjoy all the features of Bada 2.0. Even though this upgrade will take place on all Samsung Wave handsets, the features available could be different depending on the specifications of the device such as CPU, memory size, etc. Other cheaper handsets like Wave 525 and Wave 533 may not get all the features of Bada 2.0.

So are excited about the Bada 2.0?