Samsung files another patent infringement case against Apple in Germany

And they are back again, in court of law of course! The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is here to grab some more eyeballs. And this time it is Samsung who has accused Apple for infringing four of its patents and has filed a fresh case in Germany on December16.


According to Samsung, a case has been registered with the Mannheim regional court against Apple accusing the Cupertino based company for allegedly infringing patents held by Samsung related to telecommunication and user interface.

The legal battle is on between the two technology giants since April this year when Apple first blamed Samsung for ‘slavishly’ copying the design of its iPhone and iPad. Recently this month Samsung has been able to secure two wins in separate cases in Australia where the judge dismissed Apple’s request to extend the ban on Samsung Galaxy 10.1. And the second win comes from the US where Apple tried to enforce a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy range of handsets and tablet but the judge didn’t give into Apple’s appeal.

What next? Well there are still more than two dozen of patent cases pending between both the companies in court around the world.