Samsung Galaxy S IV’s new details leaked

The most anticipated smartphone of the year, which we’ve been reporting new info on a daily basis, is back to confuse us. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which has been successful in eluding us from any specific details about the smartphone may be released even before we expected.


As per reports leaked from the analysis of financial group Mirae Asset Securities, the flagship device would be launched in March, earlier than the expected date. As per the table in the report of Samsung’s Q1 SEC smartphone line-up, the picture and some details of the Samsung Galaxy S IV are missing. The processor listed is the Exynos 5440 processor and not the Exynos 5 Octa CPU which has been mentioned in earlier leaks. Rest of the details, like the 5 inch display, are nearly a match to earlier specs available.

If this isn’t enough to confuse you, NenaMark figures of what seems to be a Verizon version of the Galaxy S IV, model SCH-I545, and imply a Snapdragon SoC rather than an Exynos 5. So it’s still uncertain what processor the Samsung Galaxy S IV would use.


Interestingly, a photo on Picasa which is allegedly taken from Samsung model GT-I9505, which is the Galaxy S IV has been seen with a 2322 x 4128 pixel resolution, thus backing the theory that the Samsung Galaxy S IV would host a 13 megapixel camera.