Samsung Galaxy S4 manufacturing cost is $236: iSuppli

After a listing by an Indian seller pricing the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Rs. 59990 created a furore amongst the customers, everyone has been anxious to know the price of the device. While we have already reported the smartphone to cost Rs. 44000 + local taxes, which would approximately be Rs. 45000, today we take a look at the cost incurred by Samsung to manufacture the Galaxy S4.


iSuppli took the various components of the Galaxy S4 and has created a rough estimate of the manufacturing costs of the device. According to the estimates worked out by them, the device would involve a manufacturing cost of $8.50. The HSPA variant of the Galaxy S4 with the Exynos Soc would cost $236 for the components, thus making the approximate cost at just $244.50.

The LTE variant with the Snapdragon 600 processor is even cheaper, with components costing just $231 making the total cost $241.50. Even though these are the rough estimates, they shouldn’t be far from the actual costs. Samsung which has put the retail value of the Galaxy S4 at $640 is getting an additional $400.