Samsung Galaxy SII can withstand up to -20 degrees!

The Galaxy SII has come a long way and has been one of the best smartphones in the world. We recently learned a new fact, well a feature/capability of the handset. A series of tests were done by Finnish magazine MikroPC to ascertain whether phones can function in severe sub-zero temperatures.


The tests proved that the Galaxy S II can function in temperatures ranging from 38°C to -20°C.

The technical review team at MikroPC tested 15 popular mobile phones available at a scientific lab situated in the VTT Technical Research Centre at Espoo, Finland. MikroPC discovered that the most weather resilient smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S II, which functioned until temperatures reached -35°C. It was also the only smartphone to run smoothly when the temperature reached -30°C. So even though the SII is all plastic, it managed to do far better than other handsets.

So, another hoorah for the Galaxy S II!