Samsung introduces In-Traffic Reply app to automatically reply to messages when driving

While Samsung had launched the S Bike mode for its mid-range smartphones, the company has now launched the In-Traffic Reply app.


Samsung has announced the launch of the In-Traffic Reply app to help drivers reply to messages without taking their focus off the road. The app is targeted towards preventing road accidents caused by speaking on mobile phone and replying to text messages while driving.

The In-Traffic Reply app uses GPS and other sensors and automatically activates when it detects vehicular movement. The app is currently in closed beta in Netherlands. However, the final version is expected to be released on the Google Play store in May. The app is also expected to be pre-installed in Samsung smartphones in future.

Commenting on the app, Samsung said, “Approximately one third of drivers occasionally use hand-held smartphones while driving a car or riding a bike, according to a study. Many of the respondents claim that their reason for doing so is related to the social pressure to respond to calls and messages quickly.