Samsung maybe working on another Galaxy S4 called Mega

While we are still awaiting the reduced version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 – the Galaxy S4 Mini, we have already heard about another two related devices – the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. But it would seem that’s not all, we may have yet another device called the Galaxy S4 Mega.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega by its name itself makes it obvious that this would be a bigger version of the Galaxy S4. Though no details about the Galaxy S4 Mega are available its existence is predicted by the recent update of the Samsung WatchON app. The update claims to have added support for the upcoming S4 Mega, S4 mini and S4 Active.

We have already heard enough about both, the S4 Mini and the S4 Active, It’s only the S4 Mega that is a mystery. While no other details about the Galaxy S4 Mega are currently available, the least we can predict is a display size of greater than 5 inches.