Samsung’s back with new ad, pokes fun at people waiting in line of the iPhone 5

Samsung’s recently released comparison between the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 just went viral earlier this week and there would be rarely anyone who would not have seen the advertisements where Samsung goes on to mock prospective iPhone buyers lining up hours before the Apple Store & more to get the latest generation of iPhone.


And now as we just a day away from the iPhone 5 to hit the stores, Sammy has again released a hilarious video where again, it is poking fun at the people who are lined up across various cities and are hours away from the release of the iPhone.

The ad starts with a guy who says that this (i)Phone will be like a precious jewel and next up is another guy who, with great significance saying, “The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom.” And then there is a woman also waiting in the line who says that the new connector is all digital, but within seconds she admits that she’s confused as to what it mean.
Oh and suddenly there is a guy with Galaxy S III in the line and oh wait, he’s just saving a spot for his parents and loves his GS3. And then there are a two GS3 who exchange a playlist using S Beam which again attracts the attention of the people waiting in the line.
There is much more like 4G LTE connectivity and the larger 4 inch screen on the iPhone 5 which has also been mocked in the ad and we’ll not be a spoilsport and you can catch the advertisement below and also let us know if you are with Sammy or Apple?