Samsung says ‘No’ to rumours of buying Nokia

Last week there was a rumour doing the rounds according to which, Korean giant Samsung was planning to buy Finnish giant Nokia. But it seems that the rumour is turning out to be a rumour only!


Samsung has today denied any plans of the company to buy Nokia and rubbished all such speculations. 

Reuters reports the company saying, “Such reports are purely speculative and are not true.” The most interesting part of this rumour was that it made Nokia’s shares see a jump up to 6% but now after Samsung saying a big NO to this speculation, the Finnish giant’s stocks have tumbled again by 2%.
Samsung is currently the market leader thanks to its super-selling Android smartphones and this also enabled the company to take away the crown of biggest smartphone maker in the world last year and also outnumber the total mobile phone sales recently.
So for now Nokia and Samsung remain competitors and let us see for how long.