Samsung to bring ‘High-end’ WP devices with Windows Phone 8

We know that Samsung is indeed interested in bringing out new devices over the Windows Phone platform but it has been a long time since the Korean giant announced any new device.
And the reason behind this is being attributed that Samsung is waiting for the launch of the next-generation of Windows Phone, the Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). This may be because the company doesn’t want to invest a lot in the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango as it is already crowded and it does have the Omnia W in the range already. 

Samsung Taiwan has told reporters that they are going to skip any introduction of new Mango-running devices and will directly jump on to releasing WP Apollo based ‘high-end’ devices in October, when Microsoft is expected to release the WP8 update.

With the arrival of the Windows Phone 8 OS we are expecting Microsoft to bring in capabilities such a NFC, support for High-resolution screens, dual core processors and much more. Thus with these features said to arrive it is indeed a logical step by Samsung to release WP8 devices in October after the officisl announcement by Microsoft.