Samsung to produce highly efficient Embedded Multi-Chip Memory for Entry-level Smartphones

Good news for entry-level smartphone makers. Samsung has said that it has started producing embedded multi-chip package (eMCP) memory for use in entry-to-mid-level smartphones. Samsung’s new eMCP solutions will come in a wide range of densities, utilizing LPDDR2 (low power double-data-rate 2) DRAM made with 30 nanometer (nm) class process technology and NAND flash memory using 20nm-class technology.

Providing mobile handset developers with a simpler design process, the new eMCP memory solutions will power entry-to-mid-level smartphones and deliver enhanced performance and longer battery life.

Samsung’s embedded MCP solutions are fabricated in packages that consist of a 4GB e-MMC (Embedded MultiMediaCard) based on 20nm-class NAND flash memory for data storage, and a choice of 256 megabytes (MB), 512MBs or 768MBs of 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM for supporting high-performance mobile device systems. (Each is equivalent to 2GB, 4GB and 6GB, respectively.)

The 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM chip in the new eMCPs will have a data transmission speed of 1,066 megabits per second (Mbps), which doubles the performance of the industry’s previous mobile DRAM (MDDR). When compared to a 40nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM, the new 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM increases performance by approximately 30%, while consuming 25% less power. Also, applying the 30nm-class process technology improves chip manufacturing productivity by 60% over 40nm-class technology.