Samsung to reveal the cause of Galaxy Note7 explosions on January 23

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is definitely one of the most talked about smartphones of 2016, and, well, not for a good reason. As you may know, the Galaxy Note7 units started catching fires and exploded, which led to their recall and then ultimately resulting in their discontinuation. Samsung was busy finding the cause of these explosions, and, it has now completed its investigation. However, Samsung will give full report next week on January 23.


Samsung has concluded from its investigation that the batteries that were used in the Galaxy Note7 are indeed the culprit. However, it’s a difficult pill to swallow as the replaced units that Samsung offered came with batteries manufactured by a different supplier and not its subsidiary SDI.

Reports also suggest that Samsung was able to replicate the entire process which caused the Galaxy Note7 units to catch fire and explode. Also, it was found that the cause of explosions was neither due to a flaw in hardware design nor in software.

As we said earlier, Samsung will be sharing more details about the cause of Galaxy Note7 explosions on January 23, which is just a day before the South Korean company announces its fourth-quarter earning results.

Having said that, we hope that Samsung adhered to better quality assurance and safety measures for its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8.