Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold Editions in South Korea

Samsung unveiled the fancy Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold Editions in December in China and they had promised that these new snazzy looking Note 3s will gain wider availability in the future and true to its word Samsung has brought the Note 3 Rose Gold Edition to its home country South Korea.


The Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold Edition is the same device on the inside as the Galaxy Note 3 we reviewed but it has nice little touches on the outside with gold accents on the frame of the device, on the camera ring and the S Pen is colored to golden finish.


Unfortunately we have no word as to when or if these flashy Note 3s will ever reach the rest of the world. The one thing we know is that Samsung is planning to bring the Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold editions to more markets in the future as they prefer so we have no clue which markets those will be. As always we’ll inform you if it makes it to more parts of the world.