Samsung working on a refreshed Galaxy S III

While the Galaxy S IV will be launched by Samsung tomorrow, we still are not sure if it will be accompanied by the Galaxy S IV mini which was rumored earlier. And if this two handsets are not enough for you, Samsung now seems to be in the process of releasing a refreshed Galaxy S III this year itself.


According to Eldar Murtazin, who is known for his leaks – most of which are usually true, claims that Samsung would release a new Galaxy S III version with improved specs. He claims the new version would have a better display, wireless charging and a larger 2400mAh battery.

The new version of the Galaxy S III, mostly the GS III Plus, would in reality be just a smaller version of the Galaxy S IV, yes the GS IV Mini. While we are quite certain the Galaxy S IV mini would definitely hit the market someday, Galaxy S III Plus becomes redundant. Samsung might as well stick to the Galaxy S IV mini, which we may get to see tomorrow.